FAEPS provides clients with a complete wireless enablement solution and systems to launch your service including:

  1. Integration and access to major US wireless carriers;

  2. Corporate plan management along with cross carrier friends and family share plans;

  3. Powerful carrier audit management system proven to find many carrier billing errors;

  4. Complete API suite that allows clients to control their user interfaces;
  5. State of the art AI security layer to ensure hackers can not penetrate;
  6. Ability to enable additional brands of service in just days with little cost;
  7. Billing system supports the billing of: pre & post paid cellular with WiFi / VoLTE calling, home phone service, Internet, international long distance calling, mobile wallet & debit card, energy, IPTV video streaming, and medical services;

  8. User friendly and feature rich customer self-care module as well as customer service representative version,  to allow customer service reps a more efficient way of managing customers.


Caribbean VOIP Telecommunications Software & Network